The Renaissance begins outside the political bubble… and it starts with you.

What is Renaissance all about?


Reconnecting politics and people by holding conversations nationwide.


Rebuilding Labour so it is once again the natural home of working people and families.


Renewing Labour’s politics and helping prepare the party for government.

How does Renaissance work?

We give the public a voice: We’re holding workshops and conversations outside the political bubble – particularly in areas where Labour has been losing support over the past decade – to help Labour reconnect with the values and priorities of people in Britain.


We seek answers to the challenges of tomorrow: We recognise that the world has changed significantly since the 1990s – as have the politics of the British public – and that re-deploying the politics of previous Labour governments will not work. We’ll be proposing bold and credible solutions to the major economic challenges that Britain faces – including ideas for a fairer, more resilient and more sustainable economy post-Covid-19.


We ask Renaissance supporters to play their part. We’re asking you to join us by reaching out to non-Labour voters to get feedback from the public on the challenges they face and Renaissance’s policy solutions. Get involved today!


The Labour Party is under new leadership. Renaissance will support Keir Starmer to make Britain the best place to grow up in, and the best place to grow old in.