Nationwide Conversations

Labour’s journey back to power starts by listening, and it starts with you.

We want you to tell us what you want from Labour, particularly if you couldn’t vote for Labour at the last election.


If you did vote Labour, we want you to help us to reach new people. Join Renaissance and we’ll contact you about how you can help us reach new voters through holding conversations with friends and family.

We’ll also be holding workshops around the country, looking at ways we can rebuild our creaking economy and unite our country around a sense of common purpose and shared citizenship.


We’ve also been talking to groups of former Labour voters, in order to:


  • Get a sense of their ambitions, priorities, concerns, and what they want from politics.
  • Work with them on policy solutions to the challenges of the 2020s and 2030s.
  • Track attitudes towards Labour.


We’re basing much of our research around the areas that most people say they care deeply about: work, familycommunity, and country.

Our landmark report about Labour’s former voters is now out. Read it here.