Britain is a great country – and it can be so much better.

Various study shows that the vast majority of adults feel a strong sense of Britishness, and the figure remains similar for the national identities of UK’s constituent nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Nationality matters politically because – despite globalisation and UK devolution – the nation state continues to be the primary source of power and accountability. UK elections are often won and lost based on who can tell the most persuasive story about our country’s future.


Many on the Left feel the Conservatives have reduced British influence internationally by damaged important relationships and are currently pursuing a Britain Alone strategy – dressed up in the vacuous but popular slogan ‘Global Britain’ – which reduces foreign relations to trade agreements. At home they have put the Union at risk with their mishandling of Brexit and Coronavirus, with an over-centralised approach to policy damaging all four UK nations.


Some important questions we’ll be asking are:


  • What role should Britain play in the world?
  • How do we feel about the future of the union?
  • What makes us proud about Britain?
  • What makes us feel shame in Britain?


Some external reading on these topics:



These ideas are not necessarily endorsed by Renaissance, but are useful starting points at which to to begin the debate.

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