No Community Left Behind: Our 10-point plan to grow our economy from the ground-up

No Community Left Behind: Our 10-point plan to grow our economy from the ground-up

Keir Starmer has made sustainable and balanced economic growth one of his five key missions for the next Labour Government. But he and Rachel Reeves will have very little fiscal headroom and therefore will need to be in the market for innovative policies that can drive growth without breaking the bank.

Our new 10-point plan – drafted by Renaissance and Progressive Britain, based on contributions from 10 experts – sets out how Labour can do just that. Our recommendations include a wide range of reforms to company law, governance and regulatory frameworks, some reshaping of tax structures and a raft of other non-fiscal incentives to unleash the potential of small-and-medium-sized businesses to grow and transform our local economies across Britain.

You can now download our plan, here.

We very much welcome your feedback on the ideas we have put forward. Please email, with subject line: Feedback on 10-Point Plan.

If adopted, our proposals will enable the next Labour government to deliver good jobs and productivity growth in every part of the country making everyone, not just a few, better off. Our 10-point plan will support Labour’s missions to “Get Britain Building Again”, “Switch on Great British Energy” and “Break down Barriers to Opportunity everywhere”, by putting SMEs at the heart of Labour’s drive for growth.

More than 100 supporters have engaged with the project so far, including at our consultation launch on 6th February – with shadow minister Rushanara Ali MP, the FSB’s Paul Wilson and our event co-hosts SME4Labour. We’re now looking for your feedback on our draft proposals.

Our proposals cover the following areas:

  • Step 1: Modernise Corporation Tax
  • Step 2: Reform unfair and expensive legal systems
  • Step 3: Remove regulatory barriers to competition
  • Step 4: Support social mobility
  • Step 5: Reform Business rates
  • Step 6: Facilitate investment in fast growth businesses across the country
  • Step 7: Create innovation partnerships with universities
  • Step 8: Simplify environmental, social and governance frameworks
  • Step 9: Build a green skills talent pipeline
  • Step 10: Unblock international trade

We will be presenting our final plan to the Labour frontbench later this year, in the hope of supporting Labour’s plans for government.

You can read all of the contributions from our experts here, as part of our Fair Competition for Fair Growth essay series.