“5 things Labour must do to win back the Red Wall”

“5 things Labour must do to win back the Red Wall”

Deborah Mattinson is one of Britain’s most respected pollsters, and her new book, “Beyond the Red Wall: Why Labour lost, how the Tories won, and what will happen next?” is the must read political book of the year.

In this piece for The Times Red Box Deborah writes about the five things Labour most do to win Red Wall voters back:

  1. Woo Red Wall voters. After watching their communities endure decades of decline while remaining tribally loyal to Labour, many are determined never to be taken for granted again.
  2. Show the party shares the aspirations of these voters: Too often Labour are seen as having different priorities.
  3. Articulate Labour’s brand of patriotism: ‘If you don’t love your country the red wall will never love you.’
  4. Demonstrate economic responsibility: Labour must not be seen to be wasting voters’ hard earned cash.
  5. Show optimism: “We want to be given a bit of hope up here . . . be positive about our future.”


Read the full piece here.

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