New Renaissance report on Labour and its former voters

New Renaissance report on Labour and its former voters

A new report by Renaissance – published today – sets out nine recommendations for how Labour can win back the trust of former Labour voters whilst staying true to the party’s historic mission and values.

Renaissance spoke to 60 former Labour voters across England and Wales – each of whom voted Conservative in 2019 but Labour in either 2015 or 2017 – in order to discuss the major challenges facing the country and the solutions that Labour might conceivably put forward. It revealed three key challenges facing Labour; the need for the party to establish a clear identity, the need for Labour to win trust on managing the public finances, and the need for Labour to tell a positive story about the future of Britain.

The report calls on Keir Starmer to prioritise and double-down on three of his major conference speech themes – ‘Good Jobs’, ‘Value for Money’, and ‘Security’ – and build on Labour’s summer campaigns: A New Deal for Working People, and Safer Communities.

It also calls for Labour to actively champion a more resilient Britain – building on Rachel Reeves’ ‘make, sell and buy more in Britain’ policy – in order to tell a wider story about how the Conservatives have left our businesses, supply chains and critical national infrastructure vulnerable and exposed to hostile capital.

The recommendations

The report recommends sets out four priority areas, and makes five recommendations about the style of politics Labour will need to deliver on this:

Four pillars for Success

  1. Labour should relentlessly promote its core identity as the party of working people – and of “Good jobs you can raise a family on”.
  2. Labour must show how each penny it invests will provide value for money by saving money for frontline services in the long-term.
  3. Labour must demonstrate it is committed to building “A more resilient Britain that can stand more firmly on its own two feet”
  4. Labour must campaign for “safer communities and high streets”.


Delivering the four pillars

  1. Repeat, repeat, repeat – and be consistent.
  2. Be bold: continue in the vein of Labour conference and take strong and principled positions on major issues.
  3. Critique the Conservatives through a communitarian lens – and focus on future battles.
  4. Point to Labour’s successes to show what Labour in office can achieve.
  5. Navigate Culture War distractions by focusing on the future, and deliverables.


For the report, Renaissance’s researchers spoke to:

  • 60 voters across 8 two-hour conversations, spanning South Yorkshire, Stoke, the Black Country, North Wales, Peterborough and Plymouth.
  • Each voter backed the Conservatives in 2019, but said they would be willing to vote Labour again in the future if the party improved its performance.
  • Half voted Leave in the EU referendum, 27 voted Remain.
  • 30 participants were aged 35-50 with 15 older and 15 younger.
  • The groups were ethnically representative with an even gender split.
  • The large majority of participants were non-graduates.
  • The research took place in May 2021 and was supported by Republic.


You read the full report here.

We would also like to thank Republic for their support, expertise and professionalism.

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Renaissance’s Chair Stephen Kinnock and Director Joe Jervis would like to thank the Renaissance Advisory Board members for their insights and advice, whilst noting that the contents of this report do not necessarily reflect the views of all members of the Advisory Board.