The Renaissance Newsletter – October 2021 – Our new report

The Renaissance Newsletter – October 2021 – Our new report

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It was great to see so many Renaissance supporters attending the four fringe events at Labour conference where Stephen Kinnock gave an insight into our research.

The core message from the report is that Labour is struggling to get a hearing, because the public:

  1. Still feel our identity as ‘the party of working people’ is not strong enough,
  2. Are unsure about how we will manage the public finances,
  3. Want us to show we have a positive vision about the future of Britain.

But through our conversations we discovered that by telling a few compelling stories about the future, Labour can meet those three challenges and make progress.

Renaissance suggests that Labour’s agenda should be based on four pillars:

  1. The party of “good jobs you can raise a family on”.
  2. The party of ‘value for money’ party, championing an ‘invest to save and prevent’ model.
  3. The party for a more resilient Britain that can stand more firmly on its own two feet.
  4. The party of safer high streets and communities.
It has been pleasing to see that Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves have already advanced some of these themes over the summer and at Labour conference. Renaissance is now calling on Labour to embed these themes into all of the party’s communications and repeat the messages consistently.

CLP meetings: Would you like us to present Renaissance’s findings to your local Labour group? Contact us and we can arrange a speaker.

Your research: If you have sent us details of your conversations with former Labour voters, thank you. We’ll be in touch soon about connecting on Zoom.

Spread the word: Do forward this email to friends – and share the report on Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time,

Joe Jervis
Director – Renaissance